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What are the Most Frequent Reasons for Truck Breakdown?

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Have you recently gone through a truck breakdown? Are you unaware of the causes for often truck breakdown? Well, truck breakdowns are challenging, especially if it happens in the middle of a highway. There can be various reasons for your truck breaking down often, identifying the leading cause can help you to get it fixed yourself or opt for professional help.

Given below are the potential reasons for a truck breakdown:

1. Issues in Electrical System

A dispute in this part of a truck can lead to some significant issues when driving your truck on the road. The electrical system of a truck is composed of the, alternator, battery, and starter motor. If any of these mechanism do not function appropriately, then your truck will breakdown. There are some indications to the malfunctioning of the systems like dead batteries, an unusual smell, clicking sounds when starting the engine, and dim or flicker lights. If you find any of these signs before your truck breaks down completely, then consider taking the help of professionals who provides services of truck repair in Narellan.

2. Tyre Troubles

Tyres are considered to be a significant part of any vehicle that is facing physical issues. When the tyres go flat, it can sideline a truck for hours. Issues in the tyre are one of the major causes of truck breakdowns. It has been found that approximately 50% of truck break downs are caused due to tyre troubles. Problems in tyres happen mainly because of minimum tread depth, or uneven axles. Hence, it is recommended to perform proper inspections of your truck tyres before taking it on long journeys.

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3. Problems in Brakes

The brake-related issue is another main cause of truck breakdowns. Moreover, it is one of the most dangerous issues among all, as it can lead to major accidents on the road. The drum brakes and discs of trucks are exposed to consistent pressure, heat, and fiction; this means that they can wear down if not maintained properly. Brake problems are mainly related to things like air leaks, internal water contamination, and external rust, which lead to the freezing of airline in the colder months.

4. Refrigerated Trailers

These trailers are vital for controlling the temperature of trucks that are carrying food and medicine. When such trailer breaks down, repairs must be initiated immediately to prevent the damages of the goods that are being hauled. You must keep a check on the trailer during the transfer and look for in-cab signals that show the unit is not functioning the way it must. When fixing it, you must opt for professional trailer repairs in Erskine Park to get the job done right.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why a truck breaks down. If you face any such issue, then it is better to contact a professional truck repairing service near you.

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