Diagnostics & Repair

Diagnostics & Repair

At Nutek Mechanical customers are provided with a detailed report identifying findings and recommendations of the diagnostics. Immediately thereafter, customers are provided with a repair or service estimate.

Truck diagnostics used to require training, experience and a good ear for listening. Well things have changed a little over the years and now we also need the latest computer diagnostic equipment. In order to analyze your Heavy vehicle properly we have to connect our computer which will preform the checks and provide us the required information.

As each new truck appears, there are more and more components fitted which require access by computer to test if they are functioning at its best. When a component is not functioning correctly anymore it will generally activate a warning light on the dashboard, this fault will also be recorded in the On Board Diagnostic system. By accessing the OBD system, we can see where the fault is.

Here at Nutek Mechanical we have made it a priority to keep us up to date with the latest in computer diagnostic equipment. In addition our mechanics regularly attend training courses so they are aware of the latest testing procedures and what will be coming out in the near future for all makes and models.

Get your truck electronically diagnosed. Nutek Mechanical offer Truck Diagnose & Repair service by OBD. We have fully equipped computer diagnostic equipment to ensure you truck run smooth all the way.

We have certified Truck Repair Mechanics for truck Diagnosis and Repairs. Our Certified Mechanics ensure best service and maintenance for your truck.